Specialists Flight Operations, Saudia. Saudi Arabia

  • Ground crew
  • Flight Dispatcher
Saudi Arabia

Saudia is now searching for Flight Operations Specialists for their Saudi Arabia based position.

the applicants should meet the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science/ Airline Industry/ Industrial Engineering/ Public Administration/ Statistics/ Computer Science.
  • Minimum overall GPA of (3.75 out of 5) and (2.75 out of 4) for Bachelor degree holders.
  • Minimum overall GPA of (4 out of 5) and (3 out of 4) for Masters degree holders.
  • Standardized Test for English Proficiency (STEP) by QIYAS with a minimum score of 72.
  • The issuance date of the test MUST not exceed Two years from the application date.
  • This test is required for ALL candidates including Out of the kingdom graduted student.
  • Any other tests will not be accepted.

Accountabilities Job Specific (Specialist FLT OPS. (Crew Scheduling))

  • Participate in doing a recovery crew plan in case no S/B available.
  • Participate in doing crew recovery for out station.
  • Check and cover crew duties.
  • Check and monitor crew qualification and legalities.
  • Check and cover crew open time
  • Monitor checked in crew and assists to check in crew.
  • Call SIB crew for crew how fails to report in or unable to operate.
  • Distribute boarding pass to concerned deadhead crew.
  • Update the General Declaration (GD) international flights
  • Engage in notifying concerned crew members of schedule change and any operational changes.
  • Send crew lists telexes to all concerned out stations.
  • Engage in the process of planning and execution of training schedules for cockpit and cabin crew to ensure maintain best performance of crew and ultimate flight safety
  • Develop basic means and tools to gather/collect accurate information and statistical data on crew scheduling performance
  • Coordinate all required crew schedule functions with the concerned departments.
  • Plan and Execute of crew pairings, rosters, leave and manpower
  • Performs any other related functions assigned by his supervisor


Accountabilities Job Specific (Specialist FLT OPS. (FLT OPS Offices))

  • Monitor Saudia flights operating to, from and via location, coordinate with Crew Schedule, SOC and Flight Dispatch to ensure adequate control.
  • Maintain a daily logbook highlighting all major/minor incidents in each shift and  to recommend adequate actions and solutions.
  • Ensure area Flight Dispatch office(s)  is/are informed about the progress of respective flight s and similarly to keep FIC informed of flight changes.
  • Organize proper methods to receive NOTAMS and weather reports from all available local agencies and relay this information through proper communication means to all concerned Saudia offices and brief the crew .
  • Prepare flight crew sheets and keep them up-to-date.
  • Organize hotel accommodation and transportation for crew layovers.
  • Receive, analyse, file, update and maintain documents pertaining to navigational information and prepare necessary weekly /monthly reports.
  • Performs any other related functions assigned by his supervisor

Accountabilities Job Specific (Specialist FLT OPS. (Navigation services))

  • Validate and issue yearly fleet inventory to all countries Saudia fly over and concern distract finance offices and update when aircraft added or deleted.
  • Maintain and plan all personal evaluation , attendance of all staff.
  • Monitor office automation requirements.
  • Follow up and update department office procedure manual.
  • Follow up and update operational manuals.
  • Analyse new sector airport capability.
  • Develop strategies t fulfil navigation technology needs, e.g. Future Air Navigation Satellite Systems (FANS).
  • Monitor and report on the progress of entities involved in appraising and implementing new navigation technology.
  • Ensure that all departments and any external agency involved are fully briefed and provided with all relevant information covering navigation systems in use or proposed for use by SAUDIA.
  • Attend meetings and conferences on navigation technology.
  • Performs any other related functions assigned by his supervisor

Accountabilities Job Specific (Safety Management System (SMS))

- Policies and Procedures

  • Review and revise the departmental manuals on periodical basis and ensure their compliance with approved policies.
  • Follow-up with concerned flight operations departments (sms, erp, frms, fda) as required.
  • Prepare all audit programs requirements and ensure the department readiness for the same.
  • Review initial/final audit reports and respond to the relevant findings.
  • Prepare route cause reports including proposed solutions
  • Performs any other related functions assigned by his supervisor

- Flight

  • Follow-up implementation of sms within flight operations departments.
  • Review fda’s received from concerned safety & quality departments.
  • Review fda recommendations and provide views and comments according to flight policies and regulations.
  • Prepare and arrange for meetings and projected visual presentations for (frms/erp/fda/sms).
  • Follow-up implementation of erp/frms within flight operations division.
  • Prepare and update f/u list to ensure finalization of all included subjects and report pending subjects to the division executive management.
  • Carryout periodical inspection visits to all flight operations departments facilities to ensure compliance with safety requirements
  • Performs any other related functions assigned by his supervisor

- Specialist

  • Daily review and preparae of safety projects and submit same to the department head.
  • Prepare minutes of safety meetings and follow implementation of their recommendations with concerned departments and inform management accordingly on weekly basis.
  • Performs any other related functions assigned by his supervisor

Note: Please read carefully the experience requirement and the rights to live and work in the place of work. Application not satisfying the experience and residence requirements will not be considered.

If you are interested in this position please fill the form below and attach your latest CV